TalkingParents: Co-Parent App Review

TalkingParents: Co-Parent App Review

Navigating co-parenting challenges requires effective communication strategies, especially when parents are no longer together. TalkingParents aims to simplify this process by providing a centralised platform for all co-parenting communications. Its various tools are designed to ensure that every interaction between co-parents is documented, which can be particularly useful in managing the legal aspects of co-parenting arrangements. This review will explore the features of TalkingParents, evaluating its effectiveness in streamlining co-parenting duties and reducing conflicts.

TalkingParents offers a solution for co-parents striving to maintain a stable and collaborative parenting environment. By facilitating better communication, the app helps to minimise misunderstandings and promotes a more harmonious relationship between separated or divorced parents. It stands out by not only providing messaging services but also incorporating scheduling, financial management, and legal documentation functionalities, making it a comprehensive tool for managing the complexities of co-parenting.

Features Overview

TalkingParents consolidates various co-parenting responsibilities into a single, user-friendly platform. The app includes features like Secure Messaging, a Shared Calendar, Accountable Payments, and an Info Library. These tools are designed to help parents manage their day-to-day interactions and responsibilities concerning their children. Secure Messaging ensures that all communications are recorded and cannot be altered, providing a reliable record for personal reference or legal needs​.

The Shared Calendar feature of TalkingParents enhances coordination between co-parents by allowing them to keep track of and manage all significant dates such as school events, medical appointments, and custody schedules. This tool is particularly useful in reducing the common conflicts that arise from miscommunication about dates and times. Similarly, the Accountable Payments feature aids in managing shared expenses by keeping a transparent record of all transactions, thereby preventing potential disputes over financial contributions​.

Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging is a cornerstone feature of TalkingParents, designed to create a reliable and immutable record of all communications between co-parents. This feature is invaluable not only for maintaining clear and consistent communication but also for providing a verifiable record in legal disputes. By ensuring that messages cannot be deleted or altered, it maintains the integrity of communications, which can be crucial during custody hearings or legal challenges​.

Furthermore, Secure Messaging allows co-parents to communicate directly within the app, reducing the risk of heated exchanges and maintaining a level of professionalism and decorum. It helps keep all interactions focused and purposeful, with the added assurance that any communication can be presented in legal contexts if necessary. This system of documentation encourages parents to communicate more thoughtfully and deliberately, knowing that their words are permanently recorded and can be scrutinized in legal settings​.

Shared Calendar

The Shared Calendar functionality of TalkingParents is another essential feature that significantly aids in managing co-parenting duties efficiently. It allows parents to synchronise their schedules, ensuring that both are fully aware of their children's activities, appointments, and other important events. This feature not only helps in planning daily activities but also in reducing the chances of conflicts over scheduling, which can be a frequent issue among co-parents​.

This calendar tool is particularly effective because it offers the ability to set reminders for important events, ensuring that neither parent forgets or overlooks a significant date. It supports better planning and cooperation, making it easier for both parents to be involved in their children's lives despite their separation. By having a centralised calendar, parents can ensure that all caregiving responsibilities are evenly distributed and agreed upon, minimising any potential misunderstandings or disagreements​.

Accountable Payments

TalkingParents’ Accountable Payments feature simplifies the financial aspects of co-parenting by providing a straightforward method for tracking and sharing child-related expenses. This functionality ensures that both parents can view and contribute to the costs associated with raising their children, which promotes transparency and accountability. It allows for an organised record of all payments, which can be crucial during discussions or disputes regarding financial responsibilities​.

Moreover, the Accountable Payments system supports a fair sharing of costs by allowing co-parents to send payment requests and receipts within the app. This feature is particularly beneficial in maintaining a balanced financial relationship between the co-parents, reducing the potential for conflict over money. It also provides a clear, accessible history of transactions, which can be invaluable in legal scenarios where proof of financial contribution is required​​.

Legal and Court Use

One of the unique aspects of TalkingParents is its focus on providing documented communications that can be used in legal settings. This is incredibly beneficial in custody disputes or in situations where proof of communication is required by the court. The app’s capability to produce unalterable records means that all interactions are preserved exactly as they occur, which can be a critical advantage in legal proceedings​​.


TalkingParents offers several subscription plans, including a free version which provides basic features like messaging and calendar, while paid versions offer additional features like call recording and expanded document storage. This pricing structure makes it accessible for a wide range of needs and budgets​.


TalkingParents is a robust tool designed to facilitate smoother cooperation between co-parents. Its comprehensive features not only help manage day-to-day parenting tasks but also provide a solid framework for handling the complexities that can arise in shared custody arrangements. By integrating all necessary functions into a single platform, TalkingParents offers a streamlined, efficient solution that can make a significant difference in the lives of both parents and children involved in co-parenting situations.


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